New home!!!-Welcome!

We finally have a new home for this blog!!! I had to separate this blog from my photography page because we were getting lots of traffic and I was not able to add things like subscribing and such. I am too excited now! I feel like I have a new toy to play with. 🙂

I have 3 Filofax setups to show today and that’s because I was so behind on posting. I tell you what…. I actually made some very hard decisions this week and I hope they work out for my benefit and also improve my life. While I was thinking on which path to take, you would think that my planners were useful in the process, but guess what… planners are only useful if you use them. I did not have a clear vision at the time of what I really wanted to do and what I tend to do is retreat and think. I don’t write or plan. Therefore, my planners actually served to confuse me further at that point. I did not know which one to use for which purpose and I subconsciously avoided them for about 4 days. Finally I knew what to do and took steps to get there. That’s when I knew what my planners would be for.

Many of us get caught up in the frenzy of new product, beautiful leather organizers and all the cute, pretty stuff to decorate it but once we have all that stuff in front of us, we freeze. Why? Because what we want at times is an outlet. One to help us release all that crafty goodness in our heads. Yes. Planners and crafting can live harmoniously in the same world. But only if we define what we want the planners for and follow what works specifically for our lives. If all you need is one planner, then by all means, use only one. Make it your own! Make it work for your needs. If you need 50 planners, then go for it! I feel that I can’t have work related stuff in my personal planner. It creates a very blurred line between the two and that is no bueno for me.

Anyway, I will be doing a post on my specific needs and which planners I use, very soon. In the meantime, enjoy the eye candy!!


It was a rainy week here in the good ol’ Texas so I decided to use a blue theme for my setup


The beautiful stickers are from Cut and Paste. I purchased them at Two Peas In A Bucket a few weeks ago.

The Washi Tape is from My Mind’s Eye

The Card insert is from Project LIfe

The cute arrow clips I purchased also at Two Peas

The ticket sticker is from Smashbox.






And look what I found in one of our downtown antique stores! A vintage hole puncher! (is that even a term?)

I am loving this so much! It adds a touch of whimsy to my desk and it is completely functional!


Next this is my latest setup on my Filofax personal size “The Original” planner. I know, I know. It is not spring. Not even close. But it is spring in my heart. I am starting new endeavors and leaving others behind. Ok. really…. I just wanted to use the green washi tape from Two Peas. :p

The clips I found I believe at Michael’s for about a buck or something like that. It was a couple of months ago.

The cards are of course from Project Life (link above).

The Washi Tape I bought at Michael’s and the little yellow flowers are from Dollar Tree!

I purchased everything else (i’m pretty sure) from Two Peas in a bucket.

IMG_1056 IMG_1046

Notice that this time I used two cards. I just love to give color pop to my pages. Also I am keeping little bits on the second card, like ticket stubs, sticker pictures and other things.


On my pocket Filofax Finsbury, I have pared down to the bare minimum. This was a decision I made to keep myself from getting redundant. Oh, and yes. It is my birthday next week so……. I placed a reminder on the page. As if I could forget………


And finally my Filofax Domino Personal size. Very simple. Just a touch of color and a Project Life card for a little happiness. 🙂

All the stickers are from Dollar Tree or Five and Below. The Washi Tape is from Michael’s and the thin Washi Tape from Target.

I hope you mark this blog and keep coming. I will be posting 2x a week with all my setups as well as other things paper and craft. Keep tuned!


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