Filofax Osterley Layout

It’s been another crazy week in my life. It was supposed to be a slow week where I would catch up with a million things but it did not happen. I don’t complain because it means I have work and being self employed, it means everything to me. I’m very blessed! I had a chance to do a quick layout in my Osterley last night while watching tv with the hubby. It is my daughter’s birthday this week so I made this one a bit festive. It has three Project Life cards. The one on the left is my to do list, the Orange one is to keep track for calls and emails and the colorful one from the Honeycomb set is just to make me happy. :))
As you can see, I add my own stickers and embellishments to make it my own. The Orange Washi tape I bought at Walmart and the turquoise one I got at Michael’s. The stickers are from the 5 and under store.
I did visit the Pen Paradise at the Galleria in Dallas because they have Filofax planners and I almost bought a Holborn compact planner. It was Delish to the touch! But I’m holding out for aFF Malden or a Gillio.

I am working on a Christmas layout which I hope turns out very special so please stay tuned!!! Have a great week!!!



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