Your kiss is on my list …… – Filofax and Preparing for Valentine’s day!

Preparing myself for Valentine’s day has never been one of my strongest points. I usually run to the store the morning of and buy the last decent card available, running through a Target or a Walmart and hoping I can find that perfect gift that says I love you. Of course I always hope it looks as if I placed lots of thought and preparation but my honey can see through me every time. Especially when I show up with the “muscle man” teddy bear that says “Be Mine. Who gives a guy a teddy bear for Valentine’s????????????? Seriously!

This year I decided to be proactive and my handy Filofax is here to help me make up for years of Valentine’s Day neglect!

I started by getting an explosion of Valentine’s Day paraphernalia because with me, I create as I go and once I have it all in my vision, that’s when I can get down and dirty with scissors and washi tape on hand. Thankfully the craft industry indulged! Hearts Galore!! Everywhere! I actually enjoyed it so much I am getting ready to do ALL of February in red and pink. Watch out Filofax lovers! You are about to get bombarded with hearts and arrows!

Filofax decorationAren’t those owl stickers to die for???? That’s for my next layout. The postage stamp stickers are the ones I chose to execute my plan.

I cut scraps of white cardstock and put the stamps on with washi tape. (I know 12,309,874,387 ways to use the vast supply of Washi tape currently taking up every inch of my studio).

Next I wrote a “treat” on each piece of card stock. The idea here is that for the week of Valentine’s Day, my hubby will be showered with goodies of the most awesome kind. Massage, Foot rub, Homemade desserts, Candlelight dinner and much more. He will get the little piece of paper with the treat to look forward to that evening and it all ends with a bang on Valentine’s Day. Ok. I did not even think that one but I am leaving the innuendo because as I am typing this I am laughing at my quirky humor. Now, seriously. I will be using my Filofax Original Pink Personal planner to help me in executing each day perfectly. I will be entering things like “pick up movie tickets”, “make reservations for dinner”, “look up recipe for steak” and so much more! On Valentine’s Day he gets to have dinner, dessert, a walk around town and much more.

Most of these treats are of no cost to me but I know he will appreciate it so much more than a teddy bear. Enjoy the eye candy and think of ways to make your V Day special!




valentine_s day layout




Finished layout and “treats” ready to be gifted!





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