The days before the Internet revolution…
While I recognize the magnitude of having every tidbit of available information known to man at our fingertips, there is such value to nothingness or to lack of resources.
Let me explain…
Before I had this abundance of imagery, documents and feedback, my art was derived from a visceral reaction to my environment. If I saw a color or texture that inspired me, I would go through a process of analysis, mood boards, clipping magazine images, etc until an idea took form and became art.
It was a stream of Eureka! Moments and the greatest satisfaction that came from knowing this was My idea…my soul exposed….
Then came the internet!
To think that I could have an infinite source of inspiration and resources with just a click of a mouse! It was exhilarating! Patterns, images, recipes… wow. STOP!
Paralysis. It took a while to happen but it did. The paralysis that comes from the “too much” syndrome. Yes. There is such a thing. Not only did I become totally overwhelmed with the myriad of options available but also with the abundance of “I need this” supplies. I remember the days when I thought my one camera, with my only lens was more than enough. I had to see the world with that specific millimeter distance because that’s all I had… all I knew. If I had paper to write or draw, I had ONE kind of paper. One kind of ink. And my ideas were free to flow because I was not occupied thinking about what would I use to create art but rather the art itself. If I had film, I never worried about anything but finding the right image.
The kind that comes from viewing other people’s work and thinking mine should be the same. The kind that comes from thinking I need a workshop with said artist because I need to be like her/him. Whatever happened to creating your own style because that’s what we should strive for?
When we put art out into the world, don’t we want others to see OUR vision? Why would I want to emulate others? Being an artist is being original. Unique.
Originality cannot occur with imitation.
Post process an image in photoshop … or don’t. Are you creating your own vision? Or are you subconsciously channelling someone else’s art? It’s almost inevitable. Go to any photography forum or art group online and look at images for hours. Eventually you end up bringing to life someone else’s vision.
Not what I want….
Unplug for a day…
Unplug for a week… a month!
Let your mind become raw again. Let your ideas flow from watching your surroundings closely.
Let your soul be filled with your own world’s colors and textures.
Bring your own heart’s desires to life.
Look at every piece of your world and then attempt to communicate with your art. Is your life filled with light and happy colors? Put that into your work. Show it. Is your life moody, dark, filled with gray dreams screaming to escape? Put that into your work. Make a concerted effort to communicate what your mind sees. .
When I click my camera, I try to steal a moment from the present and keep it eternal.
I try to show the heart, the soul… the reality of our lives.
I can’t do it if I’m worried about what others are trending. I can’t do it if I feel that my art is inferior to others.
Look at that statement ^^^
Inferior to others????? Is YOUR art!!
There is no such thing as better or worse art! Art is one’s expression of the mind. So how could your art be better than mine or vice versa? It is MY expression. I’m so different from you! I’m unique! It is MY art. It is MY feelings. How could it be wrong or right?

Nothing wrong from getting inspired by others. . When you become them…. that’s when you stop being an artist. You just became an imitation. you just became paralyzed.

Prevent paralysis
Channel your OWN dream or Your OWN reality.
Stop comparing yourself to others.

Be a true artist by respecting other people’s own expressions and contributing with your own.


2 thoughts on “Paralysis

  1. Fantastic blog, I found you when looking for some inspiration for getting started on my very first Filofax. I’ll be back to pour over your posts for sure!

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